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Outsourcing your Marketing? It’s In, Again.

Streamline Internet Marketing A recent article in the New York Times highlighted a couple, both professors at Columbia University, who are simply outsourcing the most menial tasks in their personal lives. The premise is that busy people should spend their time doing what they do most profitably, and delegate out the low-end stuff – like chores – so they can “monetize” their time at a higher rate.

Based on reader comments, we’re not likely to see the general public trending on this any time soon. But in the business world, this may be a great time for companies to reconsider how outsourcing could help them profit in this steadily improving economy.

This certainly applies to your marketing. Today’s integrated marketing requires a broad skill set. Some companies need help optimizing their paid search. Others need hands-on help with their email, or increasing their presence in social media. But it’s not always feasible to “staff up” to cover every aspect of your marketing needs.

This is where Streamline Interactive can help. We work with many small- to medium-size companies to provide specific expertise, right where they need it the most. This a la carte approach provides a flexible, cost effective way for organizations to increase capacity and efficiency. The fact is, working with Streamline Interactive could actually save you money, when you consider the real cost of lost sales, lost revenue and lost opportunities.

We would love to demonstrate how Streamline Interactive can make your marketing truly count, by offering you a no-obligation, free marketing review.

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Seth Chernoff

CEO – Streamline Interactive Communications