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Are you frustrated with your lead generation efforts? Are you tired of receiving bad or fraudulent leads? Do you need to better understand what part of your marketing budget is working, and what part isn’t?

Welcome to the ultimate lead management and delivery platform powered by Streamline Interactive. Our proprietary technology takes the mystery out of your lead generation efforts, providing you with the tools you require to effective and efficiently maximize your marketing budget. As experts in the fields of customer acquisition and student recruitment, we would like to show you a better way to generate, qualify, optimize and monetize your lead generation and customer acquisition efforts.

  • LeadGenerator – Coupled with our in-house lead generation pipeline, we deliver high quality prospects to your door. Working with your objectives and budget, we draw on a broad network of consumer and B2B lead generation platforms to execute the most effective mix of Paid and Organic Search, Display Advertising and Social Media Optimization. All leads are funneled through our internal Lead Management Platform for later tracking, optimization and monetization. Learn more about our lead generation efforts here.
  • LeadQualifier – Whether Streamline generates your leads, or you acquire them through any other marketing, vendor or partner channels, bad and fraudulent lead deliver wastes time and resources. Fortunately, there is a better way. Introducing Streamline’s new LeadQualifier – a powerful tool designed to detect bad & fraudulent leads before they ever get to your sales team. We also check leads again bad lead databases where possible, in addition to providing data appending services, and even live call verification and warm-call transfers.
  • LeadOptimizer – Now that you have the highest-quality prospects ready for your team, it’s time to support them by fully engaging your prospects in the conversion process. We provide automated drip campaigns (online and offline) utilizing targeted action-based email delivery, print campaigns and more to help your sale team become as efficient as possible. We are here to help with the initial sale, and even customer retention.
  • LeadMonetizer – All your lead generation efforts are lost if you can’t monetize your efforts. This is the most powerful part of Streamline’s Lead Management Platform – conversion analytics. Using all aspects of your lead data combined with your conversion data, we can determine the cost/value of every part of your marketing campaigns in order to reduce the parts that are under-performing, and increase the areas that are delivering the greatest results. If you are a college or university, we provide performance metrics by degree and by vendor for applications, enrollments and retention efforts. For companies and organizations, we provide advanced conversion metrics to determine exactly which sources are delivering your best fit target customers.

More Leads – Less Stress!

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you generate more leads, qualify those leads, optimize your conversions, and monetize your overall marketing efforts.